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Granite kitchen worktops are the ultimate statement in kitchen design. The addition of granite, in the form of a kitchen, breakfast bar, or freestanding furniture can be the finishing touch to your kitchen. It provides beauty and elegance that can be appreciated for a lifetime and will undoubtedly add value to your home.


Worktops are the hardest worked areas in kitchens and granite is a durable, easily maintained choice. The stunning appearance, allied to its durability and functionality, gives granite its deserved reputation as the ideal natural material for a kitchen.


All natural materials require care and attention. An alternative you may wish to consider is a composite. These new materials have the look and feel of natural stone and are more resistant to scratching and staining, yet retain that natural look.


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"We have just had our kitchen re-designed and fitted out by Howard Parsons of Painted Kitchens, and Elizabeth Knight of Augustone. Elizabeth coordinated the work and was, from our first meeting, helpful, imaginative, patient and courteous. She was able to guide our thoughts without influencing them. She made sure we had all the requisite information, samples, brochures etc., and her expertise was extremely useful. We changed our minds several times, which did not present any problems, and when the additional possibility of having granite splashbacks presented itself, Elizabeth was able to amend the order without any difficulty. In spite of the bank holiday, we only experienced a short delay and we are delighted with the result. We would not hesitate in recommending this company to anyone, and would be happy if potential customers wanted to view our kitchen to help them decide their own schemes."

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