Yorkstone is, arguably, the most popular of the traditional, English sandstone range. Sandstone is a coarse grained sedimentary stone formed by compressed sand laid down by water or wind. It is porous so needs thorough sealing for internal use and remains the classic external flagstone.


Many areas of the UK, have their own quarries with slightly different qualities and colours. Whereas York is, probably, the most famous, Bath, Clipsham and Cromwell are amongst a whole range of available types of sandstone.


Reclaimed Yorkstone is now very popular with ancient flagstones cleaned and re-cut to your requirements - combining the ancient and modern in the true spirit of re-cycling.


The natural English stones can be expensive so a good alternative is the Indian buff. This is also a sandstone that comes in a range of hues that will still provide that unique look and feel to a flagstone floor or patio.